Since its inception, Terracotta Rainscreen has become the buildings’ exterior wall cladding material loved by a great number of architects, by means of its environment-friendliness and strong sense of design.  In order to realize designers’ unconstrained, bold and creative concept and promote terracotta panels to be flexibly and creatively applied in the construction industry, terracotta panel manufacturers endeavor to make innovations in the shape and surface treatment of terracotta panels, such as by making a variety of deformed design to break through the uniform and regular image of terracotta panels, or by applying surface treatment to diversify the color options of terracotta panels.

LOPO China has also been active in the innovation and R&D of terracotta panels. Aside from making optimization and improvement based on the traditional sand-blasted, groove-surface or glazed products, LOPO China has unconventionally created distinctive products, among which is wood-grain series. LOPO China decided to launched the R&D of wood-grain series mainly due to market demand, at a time when some customers mentioned that it is hard for terracotta panel to have such surface effect as other construction materials (e.g. wood), although Terracotta Sunscreen has those advantages including frost-and-fire-resistance, moisture-proofing, temperature-preservation and sound-proofing.

The challenge met in the R&D of wood-grain surface resides in how to realize the natural wood-grain effect, i.e. how to achieve the wood’s graded colors and irregular grain effect, rather than uniform and rigid color distribution. After exerting great efforts, LOPO has successfully developed wood-grain-series terracotta panels. The researching staff has added news treatment processes in addition to traditional formation process, adjusted the recipe of raw materials and applied accurate temperature control, which renders terracotta panels to have graded colors and irregular-grain wood surface and achieves the perfect combination of mild luster with natural wood-grain surface, making terracotta panel an ideal option for construction projects with wood-grain surface design.

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SHENYUE (FUJIAN) CASTING CO., LTD. AND FUAN SHENYUE ELECTRICAL MOTOR CO., LTD.located in Changtai County, Zhangzhou City ( 25 minutes by car from Xiamen Intl airport to our industrial zone),and Fuan City. Totally covers a land with 253,000 square meters in our industrial zone. We have the ability of producing 5000 tons castings monthly. Product range contains the grey cast iron and ductile cast iron castings and machining, which are using in Electric motor, Generator, Water Pump, Gearbox, bearing block, forklift, excavator, loading machine, valve, pipe, wind driven generator etc. Except supplying our products to domestic motor, pump, drive, automobile, lathing machine industries, we are also exporting various areas of America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East .
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